Be Greener while on a ride with LG Solar-Powered Bluetooth Car Kit

Harnessing solar energy helps in saving electricity bills and reduced energy consumption. It is a great way to go green and to add to the list of environment friendly products is the energy saving gadget – LG Solar power Bluetooth car kit. As you know talking while driving can be hazardous, but if you have a hands free kit, it can save you from being under the cop’s scanner and also protect you from any road mishaps. But managing the wires could also be a daunting task. To relieve you of all this stress, LG has launched the solar powered Bluetooth car kit. This will help you drive freely and simultaneously help you contribute your bit in saving the planet.

While using a hands free the wires can get twisted causing you more stress than relieving some, and some of them can also lead to a quick discharge of your battery. These limitations can inspire you to switch to wireless devices like LG Solar power Bluetooth car kit. This Bluetooth kit has an integrated solar panel that helps it to charge each time there is enough sunlight. This adds to its greener attribute. It also gives you a facility to charge your mobile phone in case of emergency situations by simple connecting the phone to the car kit with help of the supplied cables. Interesting, isn’t it?

This solar powered Bluetooth kit will give you a high-quality sound output as it has an in-built sound-reduction and echo-cancellation technology. Giving you a talk time of up to 16 hours and standby time of up to 1,000 hours, this trendy device also allows you to get connected with two handsets simultaneously.

Portable Wireless Solar Powered Loudspeaker

Going outdoor is one of my routine weekend activity. Usually I bring iPod to listen my favorite musics through tiny earbug. But this time, I want to try my new Honeywell solar wireless speaker’s delivering music ability which I bought two day before for $299,9 from amazon.

Setting up the Honeywell speaker doesn’t need special skill or engineer capability. It’s about as easy as it gets. After putting my iPod into the dock and turning it on, the system automatically connects and starts working.

I was at 80-feet away from the loudspeaker and the wireless data stream can easily go through windows and walls. But, it seems that at close range, the unit suffers from occasional clicks and pops.

It won’t satisfy serious audiophiles, but the sound is surprisingly clear and rich. On the downside, it lacks stereo playback. Because the high-frequency audio is aimed upwards while the lower frequencies go down, the sound is well mixed and lively.
The loudspeaker is equipped with 2,000 mAh NiMH battery. It took a whole summer day to give the battery a full charge. There’s a cryptic battery gauge that shows the charge level that uses the system’s single LED light. But make sure that you have the manual with you because it’s hard to remember.

In its full charged, the loudspeaker can play music for 6 hours and 40 minutes at moderate volume. On the other hand, while you can easily turn the dock off, the speaker has no on-off switch.

For me, the Honeywell solar speaker is a great way to mix two of my favorite things: music and fun in the sun.

Kraftwerk : Charger Powered By Fuel Cell

There are various brands of batteries that are useful for charging mobile devices off-the-grid, two of which are iCruiser and ALLPOWER. But both still have drawbacks. You must not far away from power for a certain period of time, if using iCruiser or devices by similar functions. If using ALLPOWER, you will worry about whether or not enough sunlight to ALLPOWER or devices by similar functions.

Another option might be a viable alternative in the future is created by Kraftwerk which brings the power of a fuel cell prototype packs for USB-powered devices.

Kraftwerk is taken from the German for “power plant”. The device works on the gas canisters and promised to charge your iPhone up to 11 times before needing a refill.

Here’s how these devices work, gas canisters, like we usually use to refill butane lighter or used in camping stoves, used to fill the internal tank. After the tank is full, thanks to the fuel cell system in it, it can be directly used to recharge mobile gadgets. Kraftwerk will notify its users if the gas in the tank is decreased by the LED system. Although promoted as a new technology in Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production, Kraftwerk working principle is similar to the technology offered Lilliputian Systems Inc.

Replace Old Keyboard and Mouse with Bamboo Keyboard and Bamboo Mouse

Did you know that someone who always works in front of a computer can be more environmentally friendly ?

Ones can achieve that by choosing energy-efficient personal computers. But there’s another way to be more earth friendly by choosing sustainable computer accessories. As you know that PC’s production process is emitting carbon and use a lot of material that is not easily recycled.

We can start by selecting the keyboard and mouse are made of natural materials, such as bamboo.

Bamboo is known as a material that is resistant to temperature and environmental changes. By adding a treatment, its resistance to moisture and water increase. This condition equalized bamboo with plastic material commonly used keyboard and mouse .

There are many bamboo keyboard and bamboo mouse you can choose to. One of them was made by Impecca. Impecca has made their bamboo keyboard with mouse hand-crafted. Impecca provide a USB Dongle to connect the keyboard and mouse wirelessly to a PC . Both are also compatible on all platforms . Its height also can be adjusted for comfort ergonomic reasons .

Give iPhone Green Touch With Bamboo Case

Need a touch of green on your iPhone? The simple and easy way is to replace the plastic or rubber casing of your iPhone with a casing made from natural ingredients. One of them is bamboo.

Ussually, bamboo case is generally designed to be slim and anti slip. The way to put it on your iPhone was likely different from rubber or plastic case. Bamboo case usually divided into several pieces with interlocking system. There is even a product that have you to put it on such you’re playing leggo.

Bamboo is naturally known for its strength. Therefore, bamboo case is durable and protective against bumps and scratches. Even though it has durability, there is a product that combines bamboo with plastic for better strength reasons.

Before deciding to use bamboo case, you should take some of things listed below into your consideration:


It should be nice-looking and easy to put on. You do not want your iPhone like a weathered wood, don’t you? And do not waste your time just trying to put in on your iPhone. One more, make sure it’s design for your iPhone type, i.e iPhone 4, iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 and even newer versions too.


What if you hear a sound of something broken from your casing when you try to put it on? Remember to coat the casing that has not been coated with a protective material such as Rust-Oleum enamel. Choose the strong and durable ones.


Would be odd if there is something heavy in your pants pocket, right?


Be wise with the price and the design.