Getting started with CrashPlan

To get started with CrashPlan you will receive an email from our team with instructions - if you haven't received this then please get in touch -

CrashPlan is part of our recovery service, so that you can back up your data. Code42 CrashPlan is an online remote back up, the rationale behind which is simple; by frequently (or continuously) backing up data on a remote hard drive, the risk of catastrophic data loss as a result of fire, theft, file corruption, or other disaster is practically eliminated.

Using Code42 is not a requirement of your insurance, but doing so will ensure that we can deliver full recovery support should the worst happen. Wherever you are in the world we will be able to get your files to you, so you can keep on working.

Set up: To get set up on Code42 please follow the process below.

Please note that once you get to stage 3 and you have logged in, the initial back up will start - this first back up can take a while (dependant on your connection speed and number of files) so we suggest pausing this till you can leave your computer on overnight with a good internet connection.

1) CrashPlan Registration

In the email we send you, there will be a link to register your subscription with CrashPlan. This link can only be used once, so make sure to fully complete your registration once you begin.

Also do please note that by using the Code42 Service you are agreeing to their terms and conditions

2) Download and Install

After registering, follow the instructions to download and install Code42 CrashPlan onto each of your devices (i.e., laptop, computer). We will send the server address details in the intro email.

To manage CrashPlan on your mobile device, visit your mobile device's app store to find the Code42 CrashPlan mobile app.

3) Get started

When Code42 CrashPlan opens you can begin backing up files straight away.

We have set a number of the settings (for example limiting CrashPlans CPU usage so that your work is not inhibited by the back up) but if you would like to amend any of these please see the how to section here.

The first upload is often a big one. We suggest that if you can leave your computer plugged into an ethernet and amend the power settings to keep it on over night (with the screen off) to ensure the upload is complete in a quick time.

4) Sit back and relax

Once the initial upload is complete you are backed up. Code42 CrashPlan will now work quietly in the back ground updating every 15 mins only the files you are working on giving peace-of-mind knowing all of your data is protected and secure.

For information on Code42 CrashPlan and Find out more about Code42 CrashPlan endpoint backup and recovery here.

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