One of the most difficult things for newbie pressure washes to start wrapping their head around is the correct proportion of chemicals that they might be placing in their pressure washer tank. Suffice it to say that an imbalanced chemical concoction can create a situation wherein trying to pressure wash would end up in you doing far more harm than good, and we will attempt to describe a recipe that will help you to avoid making such mistakes at the end of the day.

power washing redditThe thing to note here is that if you want to take part in house washing Houston with a pressure washer, two of the most widely used chemicals that you might decide to implement are water and detergent. You might have assumed that we will be talking solely about harsher chemicals here, but detergent and water are chemicals too and they are used a lot more often than other chemicals that are made to industrial grade specifications. When it comes to detergent and water, the ideal concentration is one part detergent to seven parts water.

Things become a bit more intense if bleach is one of the chemicals that you are using. You should only use one part bleach to twenty parts of water in order to avoid creating too harsh of a concentration of this acidic compound. You can also get premixed pressure washing fluids, but these also need to be mixed appropriately because you are supposed to add them to water. Just make sure that water makes up the bulk of your pressure washer chemical mix and you shouldn’t face too many problems in this regard for the most part.

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