Doing work for someone that has hired you is a very fulfilling way to go about living your life, and it can give you the chance to attain a level of financial stability that might have previously seemed like it would continue to be well outside of your reach. The thing is, you would not get adequate compensation for all of the hard work you are doing for your loyal patrons if you don’t quote them the right rates at the end of the day.

pressure washing equipment

Suffice it to say that the profit you can earn from power washing The Woodlands is severely limited by the charges you choose to make people pay to you. That is way it is so crucial to hit the nail on the head in this regard, and optimizing rates on an hourly basis is usually far more effective due to the reason that it allows you to get just the right compensation without fail. Square foot rates can often seem enticing, but you should know that they can sometimes force you to put more work in than the payment justifies due to the reason that there is no telling how long a specific pressure washing job would take.

Your ideal hourly rates for pressure washing might vary based on the equipment you use and how much staff you have hired, but generally speaking a rate of a hundred dollars an hour would be just what the doctor ordered. A three hour gig should bring you at least two hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars otherwise you would not be able to cover related expenses and still have some profit left over.

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