For folks who grew up in before the internet became an everyday necessity, model making and make believe games were all the rage. We could conjure toys out of empty cartons, cardboard boxes, cans of soup and anything that would make a noise or resemble a car or an aeroplane. The kids who grew up with the internet, sadly never got to experience the thrill of pretending that a cardboard box can be a house or that an empty matchbox can be a remote control that can turn younger siblings into command-obeying zombie-robots! But all hope is not lost for the parent who wants his kid to experience the thrill of make believe games while teaching them a valuable lesson about how renewable energy works thanks to this 7 in 1 Solar Transformers kit.

The kit basically features a snap together plastic components, a solar panel and a battery station. The components can be snapped together to firm two power charging stations- one solar charging station and a battery charging station- and five type of vehicles including a concept race car, a dump truck, a bulldozer, a concept roadster and a solar car. Kids can either play with one type of vehicle or transform them as and when required and create their own Transformers style plays. The 7 in1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers can be charged via an AC outlet in around 5 seconds or via the solar panel that takes around 120 seconds to fully back up the battery. Unfortunately the battery lasts only for about a maximum of 80 seconds which might be a bit of a problem for modern kids with instant gratification needs.

On the plus side, the kid allows children to exercise their creativity and imagination and learn how to make models and how renewable energy can be used in everyday life. If the kit is able to get your kid away from his MMORPG even for a single Sunday afternoon, we’d say it would be totally worth the $19.99 that you spend on it.