Going outdoor is one of my routine weekend activity. Usually I bring iPod to listen my favorite musics through tiny earbug. But this time, I want to try my new Honeywell solar wireless speaker’s delivering music ability which I bought two day before for $299,9 from amazon.

Setting up the Honeywell speaker doesn’t need special skill or engineer capability. It’s about as easy as it gets. After putting my iPod into the dock and turning it on, the system automatically connects and starts working.

I was at 80-feet away from the loudspeaker and the wireless data stream can easily go through windows and walls. But, it seems that at close range, the unit suffers from occasional clicks and pops.

It won’t satisfy serious audiophiles, but the sound is surprisingly clear and rich. On the downside, it lacks stereo playback. Because the high-frequency audio is aimed upwards while the lower frequencies go down, the sound is well mixed and lively.
The loudspeaker is equipped with 2,000 mAh NiMH battery. It took a whole summer day to give the battery a full charge. There’s a cryptic battery gauge that shows the charge level that uses the system’s single LED light. But make sure that you have the manual with you because it’s hard to remember.

In its full charged, the loudspeaker can play music for 6 hours and 40 minutes at moderate volume. On the other hand, while you can easily turn the dock off, the speaker has no on-off switch.

For me, the Honeywell solar speaker is a great way to mix two of my favorite things: music and fun in the sun.