All of us have been consumers of solar energy since ages. For instance solar calculators have been into existence since many decades. With increasing awareness about the environmental hazards that comes along with our modern life style, more and more people are focusing on ways to save the natural resources and conserve our planet. One of them is a solar power charger and external battery. And Soladec understood this need and exploited it towards its benefit. This company has developed All-in-One Portable Solar Power Charger and External Battery. This will help make our hectic lives easier and comfy without any complex technology involved. This will help you enjoy life on the go even when you travel towards remote areas where normal power is inaccessible.

Sun is a natural resource which is available in abundance and as long as sun’s energy can be harnessed to charfe cellphones, we can be connected to anywhere anytime. The latest resourceful mono crystalline has been tapped to run the battery along with a solar cell module that helps to harness solar energy and convert it into electric energy. This helps in running your mobile device while you are on the move.

This sustainable device can be linked to almost any USB friendly devices. This All-in-One Portable Solar Power Charger and External Battery also has a high-flux LED lamp embedded into its structure. This helps in creating a perfect light model for the activities organized indoors and outdoors. This also comes handy in case of exigencies as it comes with an integrated rechargeable lithium battery. This battery has the capacity to remained charged without getting exhausted for up to two years.