A brand new career path that is allowing countless individuals to acquire massive quantities of wealth is that of becoming an influencer, and there is a pretty good chance that you can become one as well if you have a decent enough following on social media. Some people use their musical skills to obtain such a following, whereas others might make progress by making jokes on social media that receive a fair bit of virality. Whatever tactic you choose to implement, it is absolutely pivotal that you maintain the rights to your name, image and likeness.

athletics coaching booksAnyone that wants to become an influencer needs NIL representation, and if you don’t know what this refers to it is basically a team of legal experts who can help you maintain control of your name image and likeness. The truth of the situation is that your NIL is the main thing that brings value to your personal brand, so you can’t get very far if you don’t have people in your corner that can keep it under your control. People that can represent your right to publicity know all of the legal pitfalls that are associated with such a practice, and they can use this knowledge to benefit you tremendously.

Keeping track of your NIL can be really difficult without their help. The fact of the matter is that they will keep an eye on any and all appearances that you make in public events, and if they notice your likeness being used without permission they can take the requisite steps to put a stop to it. For too long have college athletes been given the short shrift, so it’s great that new laws have been passed.

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