Carpenter ants come in different species. Usually, there are carpenter ants which will annoy you, but aren’t destructive, and the ones which are very destructive for your house. If you have a carpenter ant infestation in your house, you must do something to get rid of them. These ants can dig whole underground cities if left untreated.

pest control service costThe harmless type of carpenter ants which don’t harm your house, but are so small that they can get into any cracks and crevices to reach that once piece of bread you dropped in your kitchen. On the other hand, large carpenter ants can literally destroy your house within one season.

Use a Bait

You should place a bait for carpenter ants, and when they pick up the bait, you can follow them to see where they’re hiding. You can always attract an ant by using something sweet as they live sweet things.

In order to kill the ants, you can mix sugar and baking soda mixture. The sugar will attract the ants, and baking soda will kill them.

Eliminate Their Colony

After following the ants and spotting their hiding place, you can start eliminating them. This can be done by drilling holes in the wall which are smaller than an inch. Drill several holes six inches apart from each other, and puff boric acid into those holes. You might need to repeat this step several times to destroy the ant colony permanently.

Hire an Ant Control Service

The best way to get carpenter ants detected and eliminated from your property is hiring a Carpenter Ant Control | EZ BB Exterminator service provider. They can bring the right tools, chemicals and expertise to solve the issue easily.

This is how you can get rid of carpenter ants permanently.

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