When you look at the field of SEO with a very surface level frame of reference, some of the finer details regarding their tasks can pass you by without you realizing their significance at this current point in time. Not everything that SEO companies do will be visible on the outer surface of the website that you have been working on. Much on the contrary, they will do quite a few things that will only operate in the background of the site so that they can get a higher than average search engine rank.


Much of the decisions that Google and other search engines take about what kind of a rank they should give a particular site are based off of background information that adds some extra context, and this is where the differences in SEO companies start to become more pronounced. Some SEO companies don’t seem to have gotten the memo yet, which is why they might not know why they need to use FTPs.

FTPs basically stand for file transfer protocols, and they allow you to transmit data to your site. That can help you with getting certified as a secure website by Google, and suffice it to say that no one would ever want to visit your page if your site has been marked as insecure or risky. This is just one of the many things that FTP can prove useful for, so you should learn as much as you can about it because the nature of SEO is changing and FTP is playing an increasingly central role in it for the most part. It is changing the game by adding bringing new SEO elements to the table.

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